Project Description

VirtualCD allows those with an external colour display to use this as an LCD Smartie device. The program allows the configuration of the background, window size and position, Font colour, size, attributes ad line positions. It is written in C & C++.

VirtualLCD is a display plugin for LCD Smartie to provide the output as a desktop window. The main use for this is to drive an external additional screen or a small external screen (7 inch type display) which extends the normal desktop. This display can then be used to see what the system is doing without the main monitor being used. E.g. where the main monitor may be an hdtv showing a movie etc. Used in conjunction with mce_dll the display can show Media Centre status information as shown below. Each line of the display (up to 4) can have a different font, font size, font colour, line poition using values defined in the configuration file. The screen background is loaded from a jpg file and can be replaced by the user. The screen size and position can also be set. Screen content is defined within LCD Smartie in the normal way. Example screenshots are shown below:

pic2.jpg pic3.jpg pic4.jpg


Installing VirtualLCD v1.1.x

Copy the 3 files VirtualLCD.dll,VirtualLCD.cfg and VirtualLCD.jpg to your smartie displays folder.

Go into the Smartie setup screen and set the display plugin to VirtualLCD.dll
Then in the screen tab of display setting set the LCD size to 4x40
You should then click apply then okay. Close LCDSmartie and Restart it.

There are loads of settings in the displays\VirtualLCD.cfg file to be played with and
I've tried to explain each in the comments in the file.
The background image is called displays\VirtualLCD.jpg
This default is an 800x400 image - you can copy any image you like to overwrite this
but remember to change the width and height in the VirtualLCD.cfg file to suit.

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